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Designing & Developing Business Management Systems for our Clients.

Health & Safety Management

MIRA’s Health & Safety Management System now includes Control of Work. This centralised, cloud based platform makes it easy to manage and share compliance data, tasks and work throughout an entire organisation. The system allows you to quickly create and assign responsibilitites..  

Team Project

Whether you are a Company Director, Project Manager, Team Leader or you create projects on behalf of your clients'. Our latest Team Project System is designed to bring about a successful conclusion to all your projects, from the lagest corporate projects to individual client assignments..

Team Chat

The development of Team Chat enables all types of businesses, organisations, clubs, groups teams, friends and family to have a fully independent communications system providing an array of internal communication management while operating from a centralised private system 24/7..  

Change the way you do business today!

*MIRA Systems enables non-technical users to design, execute and modify workflows quickly and easily.

*System software enabling seamless additions of data and workflows with no interruption.

*MIRA Management systems provide for workflow automation and facilitates process optimization.

*Management solutions providing Social Collaboration Software capabilities enhancing individual performance.

*Business analytics, configurable dashboards and reporting ensure timely decision making.

*Focus on quick-win implementations in order to save time and cost of heavy IT development.

Business Services

Fully Integratable

Facilitating businesses to do better business, increase profitability and empolyee productivity.

Management Systems

Database Driven

Business Management Systems enabling you to focus on doing business, while providing business continuity.

24/7 Online Support

Dedicated Support

Support teams who ensure your business conutinues doing business 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Global Solutions

Business Facilitators

Online Business Management Systems and Applications utilised by our customers and clients on a global scale.


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