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Employee Management

Employee Management Systems

MIRA’s Employee Management Systems offer centralised control to your Human Resource Manager or department to carry out advanced Human Resource functions. Define your organisational structure, your pay scale, allowances and vehicle expenses. Work in a secure environment to manage core information and business projects or address security issues such as user rights and permissions. As the backbone of your Human Resource Management, this system enables you to effectively handle fundamental personnel tasks.


With MIRA’s Employee Management System your organisation will be able to:

  • Incorporate both front end and back end user management. Front end user management allows for the input of employee and contractors daily data and records while the back end management allows access to personnel data and payment information
  • View weekly or monthly payments online or download payment / time sheets in excel format.
  • Break data down to daily pay rates, daily expenses, overtime and vehicle expenses.
  • Create and generate organisational structure through definition of company information including geographical locations, property management and organisational hierarchies.
  • Organise employee job information by defining job titles‚ pay grades‚ employment status and identification of equal employment opportunity job categories.
  • Easily create employees or contractors, edit information pay grades and positions as employees are promoted throughout the organisation.
  • Manage employee qualifications and certificates inline with promotions and salary increments with ease.
  • Automatically generate emails to specific employees or contractors informing them that their certificates require renewing within a three month time frame.
  • Keep note of employees proficiencies such as skills and language. Track employee membership types and identify appropriate individual designations.
  • Keep track of employee and contractor attendance.
  • Keep track of employee or contractors daily, weekly or monthly pay scales or rates.
  • Instantly view upto data information on employees and vehicle expenses.
  • Hold all your employee and contractors personal, medical and emergency data in a single centralised location.
  • Deactivate and ban employees or contractors who's services are no longer required.
  • Human Resources and managers have 24/7 access to reports.
  • Management can easily monitor outsourced, contract or remote employees.
  • Enables employees to work flexible hours.


All MIRA Systems and Applications share a powerful set of capabilities to ensure the system or applications meet your specific business requirements of our clients. Whether clients want to leverage existing best practice through current systems or applications or make modifications to suit their own business needs. MIRA Business Solutions offers clients and customers the flexibility and reliability they require.

  • Quick and user friendly interfaces.
  • Access to systems and applications from anywhere and from any device.
  • Instant communication and scheduling.
  • Setup administrators and user profiles in minutes.
  • Utilisation of both message boards and internal email.
  • Direct communication with agents.
  • Uploading tickets, documentation, pictures, music and video for viewing and download.
  • Standard and configurable work flows.
  • Task management and notifications.
  • Dashboards, user management areas and toolbars.
  • High levels of data security.
  • Complete mobile functionality and cross browser compatibility.
  • Collaborative message center.
  • Access to MIRA Business support.

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