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Employee Management

Easily manage your employees and contractors  

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MIRA’s Employee Management System affords a centralised control point for your Human Resource Manager to carry out advanced Human Resource functions. It incorporate both front end and back end user management recording employee and contractors records, daily work rates and individual industry certification, while the back end management retains personnel data and payment information.

Track Employee Hours & Attendance

MIRA's Employee Management system is designed for employee and contractor time attendance. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works with remote employees/contractors.

Create a Flexible Working Environment

Easily track and monitor employee and contractors working hours, personal expense and travel expenses. Quickly calculate salary payments and expenses daily, weekly, monthly or annually. 

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Improve the way your business operates by using reports for job-costings and easily keep track of employee and contractor personal data from a single centralised platform.

Employee Management

MIRA’s Employee Management System is a comprehensive solution for small, medium and large businesses. Enjoy full-feature HR management solution by eliminating paperwork and manual management of attendance and project timekeeping with this sophisticated HR module. The Time and Attendance Management module automates your timekeeping-related processes while minimising attendance policy errors. Enhance organisational performance and keep your labour and workforce data effectively organised.

Desinged Specifically For HR

System Features

The System Administration module offers centralised control to your HR Manager or other personnel to carry out basic and advanced HR functions.

MIRA’s Employee Management System enables you to effectively handle fundamental human resource tasks by providing a centralised employee database, the Personal Information Management (PIM) gives you the capability to easily and productively store and utilise all aspects of your employee information.

The system defines your organisational structure and your pay scales. Work in a secure environment to manage core information and business projects or address security issues such as user rights and permissions.

MIRA’s Employee Management System is a comprehensive solution for small, medium and large businesses.

Enjoy full-feature HR management solution today.


MIRA Business Solutions offers a unique Human Resources management system. 

1. Create and generate organisational structure through definition of company information including geographical locations, property management and organisational hierarchies.

2. Organise employee job information by defining job titles‚ pay grades‚ employment status and identification of equal employment opportunity job categories.

3. Manage employee qualification information (education, professional licensing, inductry certification) to process promotions and salary increments with ease.

4.  Keep note of employee proficiencies such as skills and language. Track employee membership types and identify appropriate individual designations.

5. Capture nationality and race demographics to fine-tune employee records. 

6.  Configure to provide E-mail notifications to renew mandatory industry certificates.

7. Create a localised environment for employees and contractors 


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