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Health & Safety Management

A complete Health, Safety & Control of Work Management System

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MIRA's Health, Safety and Control of Work Solution is designed for all Industries with and aim to streamline the workflow process while at the same time ensuring safety, regulatory standards and best practices in day to day operations. MIRA’s Control of Work tools are designed to reduce potential human errors and increase safety on the job site.

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Control Work Onsite & Remote Locations

MIRA's Health, Safety and Control of Work Solution is custom tailored to each client’s requirements. By providing custom CoW solutions, we can ensure maximised increase in productivity, regulatory compliance, and safety, with the ability to focus on site specific issues and concerns Our Control of Work systems improve the workflow of existing paper based systems. The applications we developed greatly increase the effectiveness of communicating hazards and controls to the workforce and help monitor work with map based location awareness for simultaneous operations, job status reporting and unit level dashboards.

MIRA Solutions influences the use of web applications to lower total cost of ownership by reducing support overheads. Our use of standard SQL Server database management systems allow for easy adoption of reporting tools for reporting and communicating Key Performance Indicators.

Our developers, support staff and training personnel are easy going but highly effective people with great communication skills and excellent technical expertise.

MIRA's Control of Work system is the most highly reffective and reliable system on the market that provides powerful, effective control for Operational Activities, Risk Assessments, Permits, Certificates, Isolations, Bypasses, Job Hazard Analysis and other safety critical policies and procedures. 

Control of Work Solutions

System Features

Safely Manage Work Onsite & Remote Locations.

MIRA's comprehensive system makes it easy to manage risk alongside your operations and contractor relationships. It's accurate and auditable reporting gives you one hundred percent confidence in your decision-making and compliance with internal and statutory procedures.

Easily Manage & Configure Safe Systems of Work From a Single Screen.

MIRA’s (COW) is easy to configure and simple to integrate, so your system can be deployed within a short period of time. MIRA will map your processes onto your own personalised version and arrange training for your personnel.

Easily View Diagrams, P&ID's & Documentation.

Add icons representing the type of work being conducted onsite or at remote locations; Hot Work, Cold Work, Excavation, Confined Space and General Work. All risk assessments, permits to work, isolation and bypass certificates are easily accessible from a single location. The system facilitates authorised company personnel to easliy view all company and contractor documentation from any device anywhere in the World.

Staff Training & Intergration.

Your staff will be fully up to speed within hours of being exposed to the MIRA Health, Safety and Control Of Work System. All the processes your staff have managed in the past continue to remain the same. The only difference is that now they will be presented and executed online and in a more structured and methodical way, with the system validating data entry throughout the process.

Control Of Work Data Available From A Single Location.

Your MIRA COW System will become central to your daily activities. All your paperwork and associated processes will be consolidated on to one easy to navigate system, with all the alerts and safeguards you need to stay in control.

Managing The System.

Modules and functions are designed to provide custom setup supported by application design tools for clients to configure the system to their precise requirements. As your needs change, simply “switch between” the items required to provide the additional functionality. 

1. MIRA's COW is simple to use and intuitive for the user

2. A truly modular product and highly configurable system

3. Developed in accordance with UK HSE Standards

4.  Complete Permits to Work, Safe Isolation & ByPass certificates

5Complete visibility of all site operational activities

6. Add new facilities, locations, areas and equipment

7. Add new users and adjust role privileges

8. Adjust the maximum file size limits

9. Receive direct message notifications

10. Adjust operational work validity periods

11. Adjust the default list of hazards and controls

12. Activate and deactivate worksite

13. Activate and deactivate system users

14. Setup users for department managers or include contractors

15. Manage work and operational areas

16. Review operational documentation and authorise work

17. Assess the potential for Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS)

18. Use Diagrams, Site Maps or P & ID's to plot and review operations

19. Insert icons over work areas depicting the type of work areas

20. Authorise, suspend and cancel work assignments.

21. Ensure emergency information is detailed prior to work starting


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