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Team Project

Project Management System

MIRA’s Team Project Management System is a fully-featured and user friendly system that is trusted by teams for project planning, tracking and online collaboration. Traditional project management tools put the burden of creating and updating project plans, keeping teams up-to-date with the schedule and tracking project progress on the managers’. MIRA's Team Project offers an online project management solution that minimises the load of administrative tasks and lets you focus on "what’s important". MIRA's Project System allows you to build accurate schedules and collaborate without leaving your familiar environment — e-mail. Online collaboration brought to you by MIRA makes your planning and work faster, easier and more efficient. Project updates are communicated to the team members in real time.

MIRA Team Project solution offers built-in interactive charts that visualises and forecast your plans and allow you to easily update them in real time.


With MIRA’s Project Management system your organisation will be able to:

Turn E-mails into Tasks.
MIRA's Project Management interface brings your projects online in an intuitive Web interface and instantly integrates them with your project schedules. You can create users, reports, task issues, task expenses, updates, assign staff, schedule meetings, email and comment on tasks without leaving the page.

Manage everything from a single system.
Project information, emails, calendar schedules, tasks, discussions, files, images, timelines and more. MIRA’s Project Software allows you to manage the entire project from one screen, without switching between tabs, workspaces and windows. The task management tool enables you to categorise information in multiple ways, so that you can effectively manage activities.

Drive task completion.
Assign tasks, corrective or preventive actions from communications through automated email notifications and track their completion.

Share data selectively.
MIRA enables you to selectively share data with teams and involve customers and contractors when necessary. You can give selective access to a group of tasks to a certain group of people or to a certain person, while other people won't have access to them.

Manage Your Team's Time.
MIRA's task management software, will give you full visibility into team members' time and effectiveness. The System enables you to create time reports that simplify project timeline, reports, emails and much more. Time reports are easily customised, so you always get detailed and precise information about time spent on tasks.

Work on Files Together.
MIRA lets everyone on the team access shared files online and easily contribute to them by commenting and uploading new versions. Whenever a new file is uploaded, the team is instantly notified via e-mail and the activity stream.


All MIRA Systems and Applications share a powerful set of capabilities to ensure the system or applications meet your specific business requirements of our clients. Whether clients want to leverage existing best practice through current systems or applications or make modifications to suit their own business needs. MIRA Business offers clients and customers the flexibility and reliability they require.

  • Quick and user friendly interfaces.
  • Access to systems and applications from anywhere and from any device.
  • Instant communication and scheduling.
  • Setup administrators and user profiles in minutes.
  • Utilisation of both message boards and internal email.
  • Direct communication with agents.
  • Uploading tickets, documentation, pictures, music and video for viewing and download.
  • Standard and configurable work flows.
  • Task management and notifications.
  • Dashboards, user management areas and toolbars.
  • High levels of data security.
  • Complete mobile functionality and cross browser compatibility.
  • Collaborative message center.
  • Access to MIRA Business support.

MIRA Business

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