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Team Chat

Communicate with your team from anywhere at any time!

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Office Hours: 08:30 - 17:30 

MIRA’s Team Chat enables internal and external communications through private messaging, forums and public walls. It also enables scheduling for one-to-one or team meetings. The system is developed to allow your organisation to easily communicate information, follow up on work activities and increase efficiency between staff departments, locations and external parties.

Improve Organisational Efficiency

Decrease duplication of employee efforts through a centralised web-based tool that allows you to store and manage all of your business communications.

Store Communications

Maintain all of your internal and external communications and scheduling in a secure database and be prepared for communications audits.

Drive Task Completion

Assign tasks, Schedule meeting, corrective or preventive actions through automated notifications and track their completion.

Keeping You & Your Teams Connected

System Features

Manage Everything from a Single Platform

The dashboard is the place you track everything your team is working on. Instantly see who's doing what and where things stand.

Communicate with your Team in Context

Quickly add to your boards—we call these pulses. They keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for meetings and painfully long email threads.

Manage Time and Plan Ahead Visually

Visualize everything your team is working on in a single glance, Instantly evaluate your team, See who's busy and who's not

Ensure you'll meet all of your deadlines.

Keep your Team and Clients Connected

Invite your clients to work as guests and share your progress with them. It's an invaluable way to make them feel involved and reduce the number of messages, meetings, and phone calls.

MIRA Business Solutions offers clients and customers the flexibility and reliability they require.

All MIRA Systems and Applications share a powerful set of capabilities to ensure the system or applications meet your specific business requirements of our clients. Whether clients want to leverage existing best practice through current systems or applications or make modifications to suit their own business needs.

1. A truly modular product and highly configurable system

2. Quick and user friendly interfaces

3Access information from anywhere and from any device

4. Instant communication and scheduling

5. Setup administrators and user profiles in minutes

6. Utilisation of both message boards and internal email

7. Direct communication with agents

8. Uploading media images and links in forums and walls

9. Standard and configurable work flows

10. Task management and notifications

11. Dashboards, user management areas and toolbars

12. High levels of data security

13. Complete mobile functionality and cross browser compatibility

14. Collaborative message center

15. Access to MIRA Business support


MIRA Business Solutions