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Making your organisations travel arrangments simplistic 

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With MIRA’s Travel Management System your organisation will be able to connect directly with agents, improve company booking and travel efficiency.

Facilitating Travel Agents & Clients

A travel management system that enabling quick and easy purchsing and issuing of travel tickets and travel itineraries.

Manage Boat Travel

A travel system that connects both travel agencies and clients on a single platform.

Manage Air Travel

Assign tasks, corrective or preventive actions from communications through automated messages & track completion.

Travel Management

MIRA's Travel Management systems is tailored to client requirements. The systems assist in managing company and organisational travel while commanding and controlling the implementation of procedures and expenses, as well as enabling Internet-based travel procurement management from anywhere in the world.

The travel management system provides quality command and control while establishing processes, ranging from travel request, company approvals, direct interfaces to the travel agent, receipt of various travel options, documentation of changes, travel correspondence, and all the way to budget control.  

At MIRA we understand the requirements of the corporate client, and knows how to coordinate between organisations and a management systems to devise an ideal solution suited to the company’s travel requirements, while analysing the entire process. Similarly, travel agents assist in the process of integrating the various systems and interfaces, and accompany and support the client throughout the process. 

Simplifying Company Travel

System Features

Improve Company Booking and Travel Efficiency

MIRA's Travel Management enables' travel agents and companies  to easily communicate and book all travel and tourism arrangements and issue tickets from a single centralised system.

Providing Creative Solutions for Complicated Routes

Booking or reserving corporate travel, with an emphasis on time and budget constraints, tailored to the company and the specific traveler.

Reservations According to Passenger Profile

Have assigned seats, preferred meal selection, handling upgrades. 

Handling Private Travel of Organisation Employees

Set up a unique network of service points for travelers who are organisation employees.


MIRA Business offers clients and customers the flexibility and reliability they require. 

1. Issue all travel documents, flight tickets, hotel vouchers, train tickets, and more – instantly, and directly to employee or customer’s account

2. Close collaboration with all airline companies and agents

3. Placing reservations according to passenger profile – seats, preferred meal selection, handling upgrades. 

4. Handling private travel of organization employees 

5. Create user login codes for a company’s nominated travel booker

6. A truly modular product and highly configurable system

7. Quick and user friendly interfaces

8. Send and receive information from anywhere and from any device

9. Instant communication and scheduling

10. Setup travel administrators, user and agents profiles in minutes

11. Communicate and log travel communication

12. Direct communication with assigned agents

13. Upload e-tickets, travel schedules and itineraries

14. Standard and configurable work flows

15. Task management and notifications

16. Dashboards, user management areas and toolbars

17. High levels of data security

18. Complete mobile functionality and cross browser compatibility

19. Collaborative message center

20. Access to MIRA Business support


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